Thursday, May 26, 2005

----->NEW RULE<-----

guys of the SBU clan me and battle eagle received a complain of our work style in the server ''bugs''. i spoke with wicked clown(admin) of bugs he said to me that if we are yelling or cursing again with decieses they will not see us again in the bugs server. this made me a little mad so without speaking with battle eagle i bring a new rule and if you dont follow our or the bugs rules i think you dont belong in our clan
-->RULE<-- listen holl the time to the admin on the server or on teamspeak if you get a warning that you most come out of something do it then and dont go in a discussion with the admin.
and if you do, me or battle eagle will get a mail of them that you were not following the rules. and i think without a discussion with battle eagle he will understand this rule.

ps: the first rule on the list scraped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Again a New Member!

And again we have a new member! His name is Jordy and he's 15 years old. His hometown is Weert (next to Eindhoven)In the game his name is [SBU]T3kn0-bird.
We've got 7 members now! The members are: [SBU]BattleEagle-NL- , [SBU]^Battle^_^Bird^ , [SBU] Black Max (NL) , [SBU]Pegasus-NL- , [SBU]MAURICE-bird [NL] , [SBU]killing-bird [NL] and of course [SBU]T3kn0-bird.

Changed Nickname!

[SBU]^Fire^_^Eagle^ has changed his nickname to [SBU]killing-bird [NL]!

Monday, May 23, 2005

You will never guess

This is a very special moment for me [SBU]^Battle^_^Bird^ and [SBU]BattleEagle-NL-.
We started this clan almost 3 weeks ago and now we have already 6 members in our clan.
So if im writing here I speak for me and Battle Eagle we are very pleased to have you in our clan.
So thank you very much for joining our clan.
Best wishes [SBU]^Battle^_^Bird^.

New Member!

And again we have a new member in our clan.
His name is Maurice and his hometown is Zwolle.
His name in bf 1942 is now [SBU]MAURICE-bird [NL].

Saturday, May 21, 2005

New Member!

The new member is called [SBU] Black Max(NL). Hís real name is Arjan and lives in the Netherlands.

Monday, May 16, 2005

New Member!

And we've got a new member again. His name is Marco, but in BattleField 1942 his name is [SBU]^Fire^_^Eagle^. He's 13 years old.

We have 4 members now: [SBU]BattleEagle-NL-, [SBU]^Battle^_^Bird^, [SBU]^Fire^_^Eagle^, and [SBU]Pegasus-NL-

Sunday, May 15, 2005

First New Member!

We just have a new member called [SBU] Pegasus-NL-. His real name is Felix, he's almost 16 years old and lives Ewijk (Nijmegen, NL)

Friday, May 13, 2005


We are recruiting at the moment! We accept everyone, snipers, medics etc.!

But is there couple of points which you must accept:
  1. There must be something of ' bird ' in your name , such as a type (for example: [SBU]BattleEagle-NL-) .
  2. You must play fair.
  3. Tone respect for others.
  4. Play normally. Don't shoot your team members and if somebody ask for a medic, help him. Etc.
    We prefer Teamspeak 2. But you don't need it.
  5. Age doesn't matter.
  6. Just must be able to speak English reasonable.
If you want to join our clan, just e-mail to here or leave your e-mail here (comment).

We introduce ourselves.

SBU is a Battlefield 1942 clan. We are called Special Bird Unit because the 2 founders (BattleEagle-NL - and ^Battle^_^Bird^) both has something with birds in their name. We like gaming with each other, but we want more players in our clan.